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For unforgettable holidays at La Pierre Verte

On a family holiday, we have just one thing in mind: relaxing and making sure the kids have an unforgettable holiday filled with sunny memories. At our four-star holiday village in Fréjus, you can do both! With our four clubs for 4-17 year-olds, parents can relax while kids play and make friends.

The Kidz Village will be set up to the right of the water park in an area spanning 1,000 m2! This will be the site for the three clubs for 4-13 year-olds. With a new design in a comfy glamping style, kids will be able to enjoy outdoor activities in the very heart of the great outdoors. Supervised and monitored by our guide team, this village has exotic cabins that have been converted into fun play areas for the kids clubs.


Planning summer 2023 :


Spotlight on our different clubs Four clubs for 4-17 year-olds

Our kids clubs for 4-17 year-olds: the Pitchouns (4-6 years), the Pirates (7-10 years), the Explorers (11-13 years) and the Teens (14/17 years).

The under-12s clubs will be located next to the water park in the new Kidz Village.

The Teens Club is located in the “KUBE 8.3” centre (opposite the pool, heading towards the activities centre).

Clubs are free to join. Kids can discover the joys of camping through numerous fun, sporting activities, as well as outdoor escapades and performances in shows.

You can meet our activities team and sign your kids up to the clubs at the welcome drinks on the Sunday after you arrive (at the Tranzat snack bar in low season and at the Lou Gaudina restaurant in high season).

Club hours :

During Easter holidays: clubs are open for 5-13 year-olds from Monday to Friday, and re-open in mid-June (except the teens club) until the end of August: from Monday to Friday, 10 am – 12 pm and 3 pm – 7 pm. The Teens Club is open in July and August, from Monday to Friday, 3 pm to 6.30 pm.

Example of child planning in 2022 :


The Pitchouns 4/6 years

A host of activities supervised by two guides from Monday to Friday. The programme includes general knowledge games, camping safaris, musical games and lots of manual activities. There will also be picnics, supervised swimming at the pool… and preparation for the legendary show to be performed in front of all the guests on one of the weeknights.

At the Kidz Village by the pool

The Pirates 7/10 years

With two dedicated guides, the “Pirates” will be able to play and have fun at the La Pierre Verte Campsite in Fréjus! Quizzes, relays, creative workshops, makeup and decoration workshops, picnics and treasure hunts, and a role in a show at the end of the week, following practices with their guides.

At the Kidz Village by the pool

The Explorers 11/13 years

From small games to big challenges, it’s all brains and movement for the Explorers. With their own dedicated guide, the Explorers will take part in outdoor activities and water games, and also prepare a show. An outdoor expedition is also planned for the during the week, either to the beach or Aqualand, with multiple guides.

At the Kidz Village by the pool

The Teens 14/17 years

The Kube 8.3 Club is for the teenagers. Teenagers aged 14-17 will have their own unique and trendy space at the La Pierre Verte campsite. Located opposite the water park, this lively, fun and relaxed area spans 600 m2. It will be the meeting place for the Teens club* in the day, which will be run by a guide with a detailed programme from Monday to Friday (games, activities, outdoor excursions with the juniors and two evening events per week). KUBE 8.3 will also be their home sweet home for sharing fun moments with friends day and night (open at night for 14-19 year-olds with a strict set of rules to follow).

*In July and August

At the Kube 8.3 Club to the right of the pool

The Pumptrack Get pumping

The Pumptrack is an area with rollers, bumps and banked turns for mountain biking and skateboarding! Dips and bumps… for thrills and adrenaline! (Helmets can be rented from the reception.) Teens can use the pumptrack between 3 pm and 6 pm as part of the kids club from Monday to Friday*.
*Kids aged 11 years and over also have free access to the pumptrack from 10 am to 3 pm.

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Barry le crocro

Barry le crocro is the mascot of the La Pierre Verte campsite in Fréjus. At the kids clubs and throughout the campsite, he will come and see your little nippers so they can share a hug and laughs with our giant fluffy turtle! Cuteness guaranteed!